How to add Yahoo Messenger Status on your webpage

Using the next link : I wrote a small tutorial on how to add your or someone elses status from the Yahoo Messenger client.
Their default code is :

but after doing some more research on the Internet I found that you can use several styles (small, medium, large) for the online/offline images.

For inserting a small image about your Yahoo Messenger! status you must copy the code below and replace YAHOO USERNAME with your yahoo username (without


The output should be small_yahoo_on.gif for online and small_yahoo_on.gif for offline.

For a medium size image, do the same as below but with the following code


The output should be medium_yahoo_off1.gif for online and medium_yahoo_off1.gif for offline.

The last style is for big image that you can add using the following code


The output should be big_yahoo_off.gif for online and big_yahoo_off.gif for offline.

I hope this will help you ;).

Here is my status :


8 comments on “How to add Yahoo Messenger Status on your webpage

  1. Hi,
    I put the code on,but my status says not available.
    And im available on my desktop messenger.Do you know what i might be doing wrong?
    I also put my id where i was suppose to(newlifesystems2002)


  2. Hi guys..
    it’s working allright – just make shure to replace the name both in “YAHOO USERNAME” and also in “YAHOO%20USERNAME” .

    Cheers! 😉

  3. Great..working 100%..but maybe u must give another choce for online icon, thanks lot

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