How to build a +5V regulator using 78L05 / 7805

This is a very simple article, just trying to help ….
What is the most vital piece we always need in electronics? The answer is …. a good power supply, right? 😀 .
The best regulators for using in electronic projects are the 78LXX (78L05, 78L09, 78L12, 78L15 … ). I searched google for the application notes and I found them easily (look in the bottom part of the page for the download link).
Their typical application was the IC + 2 small condensers (the input is at 0.33uF and the output is at 0.01uF), but after some tryouts and more googling I found this page which, too be honest with you, I consider it to be the best circuit over the web.
I tested the circuit and it worked like charmed.
Reading the application note we see that the input voltage must be between 7V and 20V and the output voltage is between 4.75V – 5.25V .



  • IC1 = 78L05 / 7805
  • D1 = 1N4007
  • C1 = 100uF
  • C2 = 10uF

Bibliography :

The 78L05 Datasheet :

53 comments on “How to build a +5V regulator using 78L05 / 7805

  1. This gives very low current. It takes 8 hrs to charge the battery fully. Plz suggest how to increase the current.

  2. Good work. Thanks
    But please. How I can increase output power . Cause your circuit output 0.5Amps but I need 2Amps

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