How to build a very simple FM/AM Receiver using TDA7088 ?

I was browsing the Philips website when I came to this IC : TDA7088 and I said wow 😀 , it was the simplest AM/FM radio I ever saw. I looked on its price on a local electronic parts provider and it was about 5 RON (~1.7$) so it is worth building this radio as a hobby project.
Features of the chip :

  • Equipped with all stages of a mono receiver from antenna to audio output
  • Mute circuit
  • Search tuning with a single varicap diode
  • Mechanical tuning with integrating AFC
  • AM application supported
  • Power supply polarity protection
  • Power supply voltage down to 1.8 V.

A simple circuit, taken from the application notes :


As we can see it doesn’t have an audio amplifier so you must build one for it! After another search I found an extremly simple and low cost (~1.2$) AA done with TDA7050 :


After my exams I think will do it and put here the construction images :D.

Bibliography:;TDA7050_CNV_2.pdf;TDA7050 Datasheet;;TDA7088T_2.pdf;TDA7088 Datasheet;

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  1. did you ever get someone to build the receiver you were looking for back in september last year, just wonder.

    Just found your page now
    if you still need some assistance write to my e-mail.


  2. i need to build a fm receiver for my final project in my university,but i do not know too much about it…please help..

  3. Hey Guys,

    This chip is used in several earphone FM radios. I’ve found keychain mounted sets for sale on ebay for only a few dollars.

    Look at this for circuits and construction info if you must build it yourself:

    I bought 10 units on ebay for less than $30


  4. Hi,

    So, did the FM/AM receiver using TDA7088 works well?? What about the construction images??


  5. i will like to build a fm receiver with yur help i know i can build it successful

  6. it’s very difficult to find the inductor connected at 4 & 5; 11 & 12 to any electronics shop. is there anyway?

  7. I write to thank you for your good works.
    I want to build an FM community radio station but I do not
    know how to do it.
    I will be glad if you can help me with technical advice on this
    The purpose of this station is to broadcast community related,
    christian and reconciliation programs in post-war Liberia in
    West Africa.
    My contact is: +233-244-842152 and

  8. Ted Marsden: First off, don’t use the circuit above for your purposes. Use the “auto-tuning” circuit found in TDA7088 datasheet – it is a better circuit for your purposes. You will note that it uses additional components for the tuning circuit. Once you have that schematic, follow the steps I have outlined below:

    The detection tank circuit contains an 82pF capacitor in series with a 68pF capacitor, paralleling a 70nH inductor. Those component values give you a resonant circuit of approximately 98Mhz, which is mid-band FM (88 to 108Mhz being the band). The VHF Airband is broken into 2 distinct sub-bands: 108 to 118Mhz is for navigational aids and 118 to 137 is for other communications. You want to be mid-band at approximately 127.5Mhz. The simplest place to begin is by replacing the 70nH inductor with a value in the range of 42nH (use a tunable inductor if you want precise centering of the frequency).

    Your VCO will also need to be offset, too. The BB910 varactor in this circuit has voltage-controlled capacitance range of approximately 23 to 40pF (with a voltage range of 3.0 to 0.0 vdc). That tank circuit is comprised of the varactor, the 680pF capacitor, and the 78nH inductor. You will need to replace the inductor with a value of approximately 56nH so as to set the tank circuit in the center of the band (127.5Mhz).

    I hope this answers your question and helps you construct your circuit!

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