Password Generator

Why a Password Generator?
Because we all really need one! Most of the people (I did this also in the past) use easy-to-break passwords (English words, their name/nick, common key combinations like 123, qwerty, asdf and so on) OR use the same password for multiple accounts(which is a REALLY BAD thing).
Let me tell you a short story : a friend of mine tried to get the password of his girlfriend yahoo e-mail account. What was his idea? Let her register in one of his websites :). You may think : “So what?”. She used the “iuliana85” password there. My friend took that password and tried to login into her yahoo account. WOW, they matched! The morale : don’t use the same password on multiple websites as because of a single one your whole online identity can be !!! First thing after I heard his story was to go home and start changing the passwords of all my accounts! Only after that I wrote this small piece of software.


It is very very easy to use, just select the character sets you want in your password, its lenght and then press the “Generate Password” button.
I plan to write a free Password Manager in the future so if you want to be kept updated use the “Subscribe to updates” option from the right bar.;/wp-content/uploads/2006/09/setup.exe;Free Password Generator;

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