MapQuest OpenAPI – part 1 – Introduction

Before starting to give some code examples we must first answer few questions 😛 :

  • Q : What is MapQuest OpenAPI?
    • A : It is a free service that lets you to integrate routing, geocoding and mapping into your website with the help of JavaScript.
  • Q : What can we do with it?
    • A1 : “Routing – Integrate MapQuest’s ultra-accurate driving directions to show your users exactly how to get there.”
    • A2 : “Mapping – Plot multiple locations on a single map. Choose one of our map styles to create a truly integrated look-and-feel with your website.”
    • A3 : “Active Point Markers – Add up to 100 active point markers to a single map. You can also add events, like a pop-up box with key information displayed when users click on or roll over the marker.”
  • Q : Do we have any limitations?
    • A : Yes, as with any free service we have some limitations, the good point is that they are perfect for the normal users :
      • free of charge for non-commercial use
      • maximum 50.000 combined maps and geocodes / day
      • maximum 5000 routes / day
  • Q : What do we need to start?
    • A1 : some knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
    • A2 : a text editor, I recommend using the Personal Version of PHP Designer as it is freeware and it has syntax highlighening also for HTML and JavaScript
    • A3 : an unique API key, you can get one from their registration page. Please be aware that a key is valid for a single domain/directory!

One comment on “MapQuest OpenAPI – part 1 – Introduction

  1. hi,
    there is one problem that i have faced while integrating mapquest api. which is uses single line addressing as default. Not able integrate search for cities outside US. can any one help me?

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