Sleep Disorder

While on the second day of Christmas I told myself to search about my problems and try to fix them while I still can.
One of my problems (and I think that most programmers have this particular problem) is …. minor or major sleep disorders 🙁

First link that came was National Sleep Foundation where I saw a really interesting Flash presentation (just look on their main page after “Cycles of Sleeping and Waking with the Doze Family”). If you want to know more about what the sleep really is and how alcohol and coffee interfere with it then their presentation is a must-see!

After this I browsed a lot their articles and , of course, searched the wikipedia about this.

Most of the visited webpages are trying to express that if I follow the next rules my condition should improve :

  • regular sleep hours
  • don’t consume caffeine after 16:00
  • avoid alcohol before bedtime
  • make some physical exercices during daylight
  • sleep in a quiet/clean/cool room
  • avoid doing intense-activity jobs before bedtime
  • do a hot bath, read a book/magazine

I will try to follow some of the above rules and hope that things will be better.

Some other links to look at :

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