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Sorry for the last 2 days, I have changed my host and it took a while until the new nameservers were active.
Until now I used a free host, they are very good until you reach about 600-700 visitors/day, from that moment you run out of bandwidth & disk space. They are giving for free 100MB disk space and 1GB bandwidth , Perl, MySQL and PHP5 :). If you want to apply for an account don’t be dissapointed if they will reject it as only few domains have the priviledge of being accepted.
Now, I bought a BabyCroc hosting plan on HostGator which is much much better (100GB disk space and 200GB bandwidth, Perl, PHP4,PHP5, MySQL …). I’m really impressed on their support team, I had some problems with the payment and they were very prompt ( less than 4-5 minutes between messages and we had about 20-25 e-mails). Thank you HG team 😀

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