Building a small 10W stereo amplifier using TDA2004

I found in my electronics box a TDA2004 and I didn’t knew what to do with it ( I just finished the exams and I needed a way to relax so … ) . After a short search I managed to find the application data for it (look at the bottom of the page for the download link).
According to it, TDA2004’s main features are :

  • low distortion
  • low noise
  • high reliability ( protection against : output AC shortcircuit to ground, very inductive loads, overheating etc. )
  • space and cost saving ( it needs only few external components : 12 capacitors and 7 resistors )

Below is the usage schematic, as you can see it is really simple ( 22 external components )
tda2004.GIF;datasheet.php?article=3257598;TDA2004 Datasheet;

3 comments on “Building a small 10W stereo amplifier using TDA2004

  1. Low noise is main reason to use this amplifier.
    TDA2004 is not stable if close-loop gain is less than 26dB.
    Added capacitors allows also to decrease of ‘audio’ gain below 26dB.

  2. hello! tnx for that information… can i ask if this amplifier is better to use in pc audio?

  3. hi…
    that is very good for my pc room!!
    have low noise & loud voice…

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