Problem with Outlook after installing Internet Explorer 7

Last day I needed to install Internet Explorer 7 to test a client’s website in it ( I’m a Firefox fan but it seems I just can’t get rid of IE 😛 ). The installation went ok and the testing was completed on time. The problem appeared when I tried to get my hotmail emails through Outlook Express, it gave an ‘authentication failed’ error , it was scary, I though that the hotmail stuff removed the Outlook Express mail retrieval option for their free accounts or, even worse, someone broke in and changed the password. I went stray to to see if the password was still valid. Thanks God, it was ok 🙂 , so I started to google some info about this issue and from website to website I got on Microsoft’s Knowledge Base where after I downloaded and installed their patch, everything was alright again 😀

Patch download ( 502 kb ) :
Update for Windows XP (KB904942) – on Microsoft’s website
Update for Windows XP (KB904942) – on my website

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