I know that Visual Basic 6 is now kinda obsolete but it will always be a great “programming language” ( in fact VB6 is a RAD : Rapid Application Development, the programming language is Visual Basic ).
Lately I worked a lot with it and I though it would be nice to post here from time to time some tips & tricks, mostly fully functional functions and simple usage examples.

2 comments on “Introduction

  1. When I saw your post I wanted to say “Dude.. Visual Basic? That’s for kids” but on second thought… There are people who might find this stuff useful, even if that’s not me.

    I think it’s great that you’re using Visual Basic to develop applications rapidly, however it is my opinion that the Visual Basic syntax a little too hard to follow with the eyes because it relies on words much more rather than symbols.

    Have you tried c#? You can achieve results as fast as in Visual Basic. And there’s a lot of support on the Internet for c# developers.

    Anyway I’m happy to see that you’re OK and still in business 🙂

  2. Hi man :),
    Glad to hear back from you.
    Visual Basic is still a powerful tool to create applications and it is still my #1 programming language ( I started with it many years ago ) 😛 . As for C# .. I never liked programming in it or its older brothers ( C/C++/VC++ ).

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