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Updated : 12 August 2007 … after a week like hell finally I got some time to fix the plugin and add the possibility to use CURL for file retrieval 🙂 . To set it just open the file and look after this line “define (“USE_CURL”,0);” , by default it is set to use file_get_contents, if you want it to get the file using CURL or if you receive an error (some hosts doesn’t let file_get_contents/fopen to read external files) replace that line with “define (“USE_CURL”,1);”

I was really busy last few weeks and I had almost no free time to write on my blogs or talk with the friends. Now, the things are better, at least for the next 2 days 🙂

Sunday evening, I wanted to write some posts on my Journey Diary ( ) and I couldn’t find any WordPress plugin that lets the user to manually select the zoom so I started writing my own one ( though this is my first plugin ever wrote ). After few hours of work I managed to get a working version.

GMMS features : you can write an address or a set of coordinates, you can manually set the zoom level 😀 , you can set the width/height of the map.

GMMS limitations : maximum one map per post.

This version is exactly what I wanted but if I get enough requests I will develop it even further :).

Here are the steps you need to make in order to install the plugin :

  • download the plugin : GMMG 1.02 – WordPress Plugin
  • open it using any text/php editor you want
  • go to , read & check the agreement checkbox , insert your website URL, press the “Generate API key” button. Copy & paste your newly created API key into the GMMS.php at line 38, replacing the PASTE_YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY_HERE with your API key. While there you can also change the default map Zoom Level, Width and/or Height.
  • Don’t forget to save you file.
  • Upload the file into the plugins folder of your WordPress installation ( wp-content/plugins/ )
  • Login to your administration area and go to “Plugins” to activate GMMS.
    Wordpress Admin - Install GMMS
  • You are done 😛


Usage : there are 2 mods ( The ZoomLevel,Height and Weight can be optional )

  • address based :


  • coordinates based :


  • Examples :


  • Working example :

If you have any questions/suggestions …. feel free to ask 🙂

Edited ( 15 June 2007 , 09:45 AM ) : If you want to be kept updated on new releases I suggest to subscribe to the blog’s feed.

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46 comments on “GMMS ( Google Maps Made Simple) – WP plugin

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  3. Can’t get it to work,

    does this work for one map per domain or can you set it up for different maps for different posts

    I get the following errors

    Warning: file_get_contents(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in wampago/html/wp-content/plugins/GMMS.php on line 201

    Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in wampago/html/wp-content/plugins/GMMS.php on line 201

    Copied the instructions and followed exactly

  4. Google Maps in my WP posts!

    That’s an excellent idea for a plug-in, indeed.

    Other users who don’t yet know this will be happy to learn the following: using your plug-in to diplay any given map, users can “move around” the map, zoom and switch from “map”, “satellite” and “hybrid” in just one click.

    Excellent work ; )

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  6. Hey,

    I’m glad to see interest for the plugin 😀
    So let me reply for all of you :
    – xformed : I have check and recheck the file, it is ok. Try using WinRar even if it is compressed to ZIP.
    – Chris : “URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration” … you need to enable allow_url_fopen in your PHP installation or maybe ask your webhosting company to do this. Anyway, I’ll release Sunday another version for the people who can’t enable this option (using CURL). As for the plugin … you can use as many maps as you want on your website as long they are one per post.
    – Claude Gelinas : thanks, I really appreciate it 🙂
    – libretto : yes, you need to have something like : define (“GOOGLE_KEY”,”ABQIAAAArVQcVxnRtt…”);



  7. Nice plugin. I would be interested in having this with googles new feature streetview. Any chance of that happening?

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  14. I can´t get the coordinates to function right. North-South seems right, but east-west is 10-15 km wrong in western direction. What can be wrong here?
    The exact coordinate is N58 00.184 E7 20.416. I had to change E7 20 to E7 34 to get it approximately right. I don´t understand this. Is it another coordinate system??

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  17. hi!
    Thanks for your plugin, really cool! However, i have a problem a compatibility with Macintosh+Safari, it says everytime that it doesn’t found the google map key (this key is registred for an other website).. Do you know why?

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  19. Hi everyone!
    The is a problem with this plugin instructions, because the parameters separator is | instaed of comma separated values:


    Anyway, what I wanted to show was my adaptation of GMMS plugin, in order to support Google MyMaps features. Just have a look my blog where I show it.

  20. Hi all,
    I just came back from a short trip 🙂
    Shawn Honnick … I’ll take a look on it tomorrow and reply.
    Bosco … great thing :), I’ll contact you in few minutes on e-mail.
    Thanks 🙂

  21. Hello and thank you very much for this plugin!

    A nice expected feature should be the ability to display an itinerary…

    What would you say?


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  28. Hi !
    Your plugin is simple, useful, and great !
    But you cannot include more than one map… And since that’s I want, I’ve edited your plugin to enable this feature. It’s pretty simple, this is how to do it :

    Change line 53 :
    function GMMS($content, $offset = 0)

    Change line 56 :
    $pos = strpos($content, “#GMAP_SIT”, $offset);

    At line 84, insert the following code :
    $next_pos = strpos($content, “#GMAP_SIT”, $offset);
    if($next_pos != false) {
    $content = GMMS($content, $next_pos);

    That’s it ! Now the plugin supports several maps in each post 😉

    Enjoy !


  30. where i put this function
    in index page or in side the post editor

  31. Nice thanks,

    for me there was just a little probleme i fixed by deleting line

    map.setMapType( G_HYBRID_TYPE ) ;

    otherwise the marker flag did not appear on the map …..


  32. Hi,

    I have some issues with the GMMS plugin, each morning the plugin crashes, it says that the coordinates couldn’t be calculated and the window of the map doesn’t appear. And it works again at nearly 12:00.

    I don’t know if the problem is from the server where my website is hosted.


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