+5V regulator with LP2954

I needed for another robot I’m doing an efficient +5v regulator so the search made me to get over LP2954, a circuit made by Texas Instruments (by the way .. they offer free samples of it :D).

Electronic schematic

As you can see the schematic is really simple, the circuit itself and 2 filtering capacitors, one for input and one for output.

Board itself

I made the board in Eagle so if you want to download it, here you go: http://media.descurcareste.ro/uploads/1/5370f0a8e50003.11100525.zip

The finished board #1

The finished board #2

The datasheet for LP2954: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lp2954.pdf

One comment on “+5V regulator with LP2954

  1. dear sir,

    I have read your questions about arduino: how to switch between two power supplies.

    I just wonder whether you can help me, I am complete beginner doing my O level schooling, I wanna design an arduino board for a portable power supply with two power supply resources:

    one is 5-6V and another is 10-12V
    it is just a simple circuit need to switch between the power for every 30seconds, I read your question and answers in another arduino electrical question forum, since I am a complete beginner, is there anywhere you can help me throw some light on this issue.

    thank you so much if you could spare me some time for the building the circuit and programming

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