My name is Trimbitas Sorin-Iulian and I’m from Sibiu, Romania. I finished my student life in 2008 after graduating University of Lucian Blaga, Sibiu at the Computer Science class. What I like to do most is computer programming (sometimes I work as a freelancer on RentACoder.com, here is my resume), playing with simple MCU (especially AVR series from ATMEL ) based electronic projects, visiting new places, numismatics, basketball (but the last items aren’t the subject of this page).
I hope you will find this web page useful 🙂

Hope this will help


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  1. I’ve been going thorough your IR Receiver circuit, can you explain how this circuit works ? How is the communication via serial port is achieved ?

  2. The circuit in pretty simple (as a concept), it “reads” the infrared emitted by a remote control using the specialized IC (TSOP 1738) which handles the serial port (COM) communication. The rest of the circuit is for powering the IC2 (TSOP 1738).
    That’s all.



  3. hi! found your site from lirc. followed the ir remote instructions, and made a nice little receiver. thank you for that. do you speak hungarian?

  4. hello there,

    i just found your google code and it is really good. One question .. my code keeps going abend on placenames with special character codes in it. Like België, and ö é è in names.
    Can you give me a hint?

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