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  1. Sorin,

    I saw your serial port IR project and like it very much. I need some assistance with a project using serial or parallel ports for ON / OFF control of a linux program. I have never used rentacoder before. Would you be interested in this project?


  2. Trimbitas, I would like to contact you but I cannot find an other way… sorry for this. Please send me an email. Cheers, Jean

  3. Hi Sorin

    I am not a electrical engineer at all but i need some assistance from you. I bought a genius Sw 5.1 1010 system for my pc. Some fools broke in my apartment and stole the IR remote, now for my question will it be possible for me to build a remote just to adjust the volume and if so could you please advise.

    Thank you very much

  4. Hi Eben,

    It is possible to build one but you would require a microcontroller, 2 push-buttons, a IR TX + you need to know the IR codes for the volume buttons.

    The easiest way to solve it .. try to borrow from a friend a univeral remote to see if it works for your system.



  5. I am looking for a project that can install a graph or a phasor diagram .

    please email me with details .

  6. There is a general principle when doing schematic diagrams:- inputs left and top, outputs right and bottom. Obviously the “flow” is left to right and/or top to bottom. It helps greatly in reading the diagrams.

  7. Hi!

    Is it possible to use my laptop’s built-in IR sensor? I think WinLIRC does not recognize it. It is National Semiconductor on Generic Bus.


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